7 Genius Fashion Apps For Girls In 2018

Who doesn’t love fashion? In fact, it is trending more and more as we move forward and new styles and fashion trends are being introduced by the popular designers. Even though guys are very much fashion-conscious these days, they can’t still compete with girls and Fashion solely seems to be a trade tailor-made for them. And as we’re getting more technologically advanced, everything is shifting to smartphones and fashion is no different. More and more fashion apps are being introduced these days and they support fashion for women in one way or another. Let’s take a look at some of the best apps out there for women fashion.

7 Genius Fashion Apps

Like To Know It

If you take your style inspiration from Instagram, Like To Know It really is one must-have app for you. Has it ever happened to you that you loved something your favorite fashion icon wore and you just couldn’t know where they bought that outfit from? It’s now possible for you to shop that exact same look using Like To Know fashion apps

Just sign up at the website of the company, log in to your Instagram and authorize this app. Afterwards, just like the posts that you’d want to know about. Just make sure it has Like To Know It, Link. As soon as you do that, an email will be received at your registered address with complete ‘to buy’ info for accessories and clothes in the post.

Gilt Groupe

With online shopping trending more than ever, all of us have turned into more of bargain hunters and with Gilt Groupe you can easily look for the best bargains on offer. Using Gilt Groupe you can easily access latest sales on offer for children, women, and men with the number of hours left displayed for each deal to last. There’s a zoom feature that you can use for easily scrutinizing items prior to checkout.


Tradesy gives women a different perspective and helps them turn into successful entrepreneurs. With Tradesy available now, there is no need for you to go down there to consignment store just to haggle on pricing. Just capture pictures of items that you’re interested in selling, price every single one of them and get them listed in the Tradesy marketplace.

When orders are placed, you receive a shipping kit from Tradesy for free so that you can mail the ordered item. There’s a 9 percent commission on every sale that goes to Tradesy while rest of payment amount is accessible in your Tradesy cash.However, if you are not interested in selling, you can simply buy designer accessories and clothes using Tradesy.

Keep Shopping

Keep Shopping gives you access to plenty of accessories and clothes hand-picked by different Keep users. The app allows you to follow different Keepers for grabbing some ideas that appear right into your app feed. You can choose to buy the must-haves and others can be saved in collections for buying later. In addition, if you have to buy gifts too often, you can’t find a better resource than Keep Shopping.

PS Dept

With PS Dept, you can turn your iPhone into a personal shopper. Just type in your fashion requests and the fashion apps will turn into your real-live personal shopper and answer the questions to help you in finding items that you need. Whatever is found can be bought from the app directly and all your returns and delivers will be well taken care of. It’s a free service but you may add some gratuity; it’s your choice.


If you’re planning to give a style boost to your wardrobe and don’t simply want to get stuck in the crowds, Spring gives you shopping access to above 800 popular brands. Now you can just imagine what sort of variety can be expected. Explore Spring and find new brands and designers. Follow those you like and notifications will start popping up whenever they offer new collections or sales.

Chic Feed

Street-Style fashion is exactly what you need sometimes as it rivals those catwalks featuring leading models. With Chic Feed, you get access to some of the most famous street-style snaps from the internet that are featured on some of the popular platforms like Face Hunter, Altamira NYC, Lookbook and The Sartorialist.

You can use any of these Genius apps for making your fashion sense go wild. In fact, more fashion apps will be introduced and these will also be updated as Apple releases new updates to iOS in its Apple Event 2018 and when new iPhone models are unveiled. But for now, these 7 simply are the best and you must check out a few of them.

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