Bacterial Vaginosis – Causes and Home Remedies

Whether you know or not, you might suffer from bacterial vaginosis at least once in your daily life. A study has proved that the percentage of women who have this abnormal condition is really high, up to 20 percent. However, many women do not tell their doctors about bacterial vaginosis or seek help because they feel embarrassed, less confident.

What is Bacterial Vaginosis?

Bacterial Vaginosis is a medical name referred to a common vaginal infection. In fact, when it comes to this problem, there are large quantities of bad bacteria in your vagina. The following is some cases which are more prone to catch bacterial vaginosis:

  • Lack of hygiene
  • Weakened immunity
  • Pregnant women
  • Having many sexual partners
  • Overuse of birth control pills

What Causes Bacterial Vaginosis?

As you know, there are both of bad and good bacteria existing in your vaginal flora that contributes to its normal function. But if something changes the pH level of the vagina, it will be an ideal environment for bad bacteria to grow out of control. As a result, it leads to an infected condition associated with several awful symptoms such as fishy odor, burning and tingling sensation, excess discharge, difficulty during urination…

It is supposed that some mild cases of bacterial vaginosis could not have any noticeable signs, but if left untreated, it will cause other dangerous problems of your vagina. Hence, you should take good care of your vagina in order to have a better quality of life.

Home Remedies for Bacterial Vaginosis

Generally, it is totally easy and simple to get rid of bacterial vaginosis right at your home. Instead of dropping money at the local drugstore, you can try some wonderful home remedies in this article.

Tea Tree Oil

One of the most impressive home remedies for bacterial vaginosis is tea tree oil, do you know that? Because tea tree oil is originated from nature, it is totally safe to apply on the skin. On one hand, the strong anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory contents of tea tree oil can help you eliminate the excess bacteria immediately. On the other hand, this oil is able to speed up your healing process and restore the balance of pH level in your vagina.

How to apply?

  • Dilute some tea tree oil with fresh water
  • Wash your vagina with this liquid gently
  • After 30 minutes, clean the areas
  • Keep doing this method until you see the improvement.

Plus, due to the powerful properties of tea tree oil, it might cause some allergies or reactions to sensitive skin. Hence, you had better mix it with some other essential oils.


Yogurt heads on the list of top home remedies for bacterial vaginosis because it contains a great source of lactobacilli. These healthy bacteria help regulate your pH level to the right one, so the awful smell will go away. Moreover, yogurt is truly beneficial to human body, it boosts your immune system to fight infection and other problems.

How to apply?

  • Consume 2 – 3 cups of plain yogurt to get rid of bacterial vaginosis faster
  • Alternatively, you can apply some yogurt on a tampon and put it in your vaginal areas about an hour. Then wash it off with warm water. Repeat the tip on a daily basis as needed.

Cotton Clothes

Another home remedy for bacterial vaginosis is to wear cotton clothes that make your lady part more relaxed and comfortable. It is advised that you should choose cotton underwear rather than nylon or spandex ones. Because cotton material will allow air to pass through and do not keep the sweat, moisture inside. Otherwise, wearing loose-fitting or regular fit pants and skirts also can promote your recovery and reduce bad symptoms of bacterial vaginosis quickly.

Apple Cider Vinegar

The acidic and anti-inflammatory contents of apple cider vinegar make it become one of your best choices to deal with bacterial vaginosis. Indeed, apple cider vinegar has the ability to boost the acidity of your vagina. Therefore, the level of vaginal pH will be back to the balanced condition. After a few days using this vinegar, you apparently have a better physical health and emotional well-being.

How to apply?

  • Pour 1 – 2 glass of apple cider vinegar into your bathtub and dip yourself in it for 20 – 30 minutes. Afterwards, use fresh water to cleanse your whole body. Perform the solution twice a week to treat bacterial vaginosis
  • Another choice is to create a mixture of apple cider vinegar and honey. Then drink this liquid daily for several days.


Garlic is popularly an indispensable spice used in many dishes around the world to enhance their flavor and aroma. Perhaps you have not heard about this surprising usage of garlic but it is a natural home remedy for bacterial vaginosis. Thanks to the antibacterial and antifungal properties of garlic, it can help you prevent bad bacteria from spreading out as well as soothe the burning sensation.

How to apply?

  • Add more garlic to your daily meal to deal with this problem
  • Or you get the fresh juice of some garlic cloves and rub it into your affected areas. Wait for 15 – 20 minutes and wash it off. Repeat the tip 3 – 4 times per week in order to fight against bacterial infection.

Fenugreek Seeds

Fenugreek seeds will not let you down on dealing with bacterial vaginosis. These seeds aid your body in stimulating healing process and keeping the awful smell away. Furthermore, fenugreek also has wonderful effects on easing the irritated and painful feeling.

How to apply?

  • Add a couple teaspoons of fenugreek seeds to a cup of water before bedtime. At waking time, strain the seeds and drink the liquid. Follow this tip every day to combat bacterial vaginosis.
  • Pour one tablespoon of fenugreek powder into a glass of warm milk, then consume it on a daily basis to get rid of this infection.


Turmeric is widely considered as a useful home remedy for bacterial vaginosis. With the anti-bacterial content, turmeric will help you lower the pain and irritation. Besides, it maintains the pH level in your vagina and keeps bad bacteria under control.

How to apply?

  • Prepare some turmeric powder
  • Add it to a glass of milk and stir it up
  • Drink the mixture daily until those symptoms of bacterial vaginosis are disappeared.

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