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For more than ten years, I used the same beauty products without asking myself questions. But I completely changed my beauty routine six months ago. Like many of us, I started to look at the composition of what I put on my face every day. As a result, many of the products I used – though bought in the drugstore – were not so clean as I thought. It is the case of the Crealine de Bioderma that I loved but which contains an irritating preservative for the skin and an ethoxylated raw material that scours the surface and makes it more permeable to external aggressions.

To make matters worse, my skin became increasingly dry despite all the care I took the time to do at home. Even though I creamed my face, again and again, my skin remained dehydrated. As for makeup, I was no longer satisfied with the Avene foundation that I found too pasty and not natural enough on my skin.

At the end of the summer, I got fed up and went to push the door of the Oh my cream shop! Which is in my neighborhood? I had long been very reluctant to go because Oh my cream! is a concept store that sort the brands on the shutter (choosing the cleanest) and I suspected that the products would be quite expensive. On the other hand, it was also ten years that I used the same products without any pleasure. They did not suit my skin anymore, namely, that of a 37-year-old mother who was tired, surrounded and with a few small wrinkles coming in (bouhouhou starts too early).

I started by making a skin diagnosis with an expert from the shop who confirmed to me that my skin was very dehydrated and that I could start the anti-aging care. She also offered me a beauty routine that I apply every day, and that has been very effective. And above all, she is 100% ORGANIC! I see a clear difference in recent weeks, my skin does not pull more, I have no ugly dry plates under my makeup (it was the worst!), And most importantly, I look much less tired because I do now be very careful about the eye area that I pamper above all.

I had never taken the time to deal with this area because I naively thought that my moisturizer was enough and I regret it. My eyes and my eyelids would have suffered a lot less if I had done it earlier … I might be less wrinkled too, you know. Never mind, here is the list of miracle products that I use and that I valid a thousand percent. Did you know more about fashion makeup cases you have to visit the best online store?

My morning care and makeup routine

My first beauty gesture in the morning is to spray a pshiiit of thermal water on my face to wake up and then apply this care to the eye area. This one is super light and unctuous, I find it very pleasant to use. Its composition rich in antioxidants repairs the tissues of this particularly fragile area (especially in winter) and attenuates the first signs of aging. I never skip this step otherwise my dark circles come back at full gallop and I really want to limit the damage to this place.

This is the new moisturizer that I apply after allowing my eye area to penetrate for a few seconds. It contains hyaluronic acid, the new miracle molecule in cosmetics with a strong hydrating power and which fights against the natural aging of the skin. Its texture is rich enough but it penetrates quickly and does not fat at all the skin. And an important point for me: it contains no perfume! I hate creams that smell too strong, I also tested the brand Patika that I did not like because of that. Nuori is a Danish brand ultra-clean that contains no additives or preservatives.

It may seem useless but believe me, this serum is magic! It smoothes and perfectly prepares the skin to the stage of the foundation. I do not make up enough and never thought it necessary to put a base before my makeup, I thought it was THE gesture in excess. However, I must admit that my makeup is much better with this serum. It is silicone free so ultra-clean and does not give buttons (that’s what scares me with this kind of products). This is not an indispensable product (I will not take it on a trip for example) but I really like to use it when I want a neat make-up, for work or a party.

After ten years to put the same foundation every day (Avène) I wanted novelty and a cleaner composition. The foundation Kjaer Weis (still a Danish brand!) Is quite unique since it disguises flaws and blurs pores while melting into the skin for a very natural result. It is hardly perceived if you have a light hand.

However, I had to totally change my habits because I was used to applying my foundation with the hands, as a moisturizer. Out, Kjaer Weis is a tinted cream with a fairly compact texture, impossible to use with your hands. I put a few keys here and there with the brush that I spread and then enter the beauty blender.

The coverage of this foundation is not very high. It unifies the complexion and masks the redness but does not camouflage pimples or other imperfections, it must be known. In addition, it requires a well-hydrated skin otherwise beware of dry plates that can be very unsightly! I had the tour last week because I had not put my face oil the day before … A real disaster!

I really like this foundation, it’s a nice discovery but I do not think to use it this summer. I am looking for a tinted cream or BB cream with light coverage and organic or without silicone. If you have any recommendations, do not hesitate! After the disappearance of the brand UNE Beauty which was a tragedy for me (I used their products every day), I tested several mattifying powders BIO for several months.

This is the Studio 78 powder that remains my favorite. I put the “softness number 2” hue medium and I am very happy. This powder is an illuminator. I do not put it systematically, I reserve especially for parties or when I want to make a little glowier. I put it on the top of the cheekbones with a big brush or on the outer corner of the eyes by tapping with the finger.

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