How Do Check That The Quality Of Weed ? Is Still Good Or Expire?

Yeah, it is favorable for you to check your weed before use. You need to know that what you have in stock, is it safe to use, how it smells and what it looks like.

To examine the quality of weed, or check the weed expiration, three main senses will help you identify weed still good or expire. After this, you will be able to make the right decision that can save you from potential issues.


What weed looks like now- texture, shape, the color of your weed;

  • You should examine carefully and check for changes in pattern and colors.
  • Is it color is dark or light?
  • Are there appearance spots of black and white patches that didn’t appear there before?
  • What is its shape now is it changed? Is it see more swollen as compare previously?
  • Keep in mind, and A paler color weed shows that it is completely dry out, while a darker color indicates that it’s getting wet still.


A healthy and fresh weed has a springy and light feel when you touch it, or pressure apply. There is further tastelessness too as well.

  • To check its quality, you can pick it up and with your fingers roll it, after that crush it and spread it apart.
  • Check weed weight – Does it feel lighter or heavier?
  • Examine that it bounce back after you’ve touched it?
  • Is it disintegrating separated at the touch?
  • Feel sticky and not so much tacky while you touch.
  • Well dried weed servers effectively and disintegrates to the touch. If it feels like power in your hands, it is best for use. If you feel it gets stickier as compare before then, it might be either decaying or invaded with mold.


After that, you should examine the smell of your weed. If there are any changes indicate that its mold or wet have taken,  often you can smell it before you can use it.

  • As it ages, you can notice the smell will decrease. It makes sense that weed has lost its potency, this cannot best be avoided.
  • You can examine that the smell is still strong as previously?
  • Does it make you feel sick and anxiety or does it make your mouth water after smelling?
  • Is it smelling more like fish, eggs, vinegar, fruits or over ready natural product?
  • While weed dries out well the smell moves toward becoming fainter and harder to see, much the same as cooking herbs do. If the smell changes and turns into a stronger less lovely smell, all the more then likely your weed is spoiled or brimming with the shape. Either smell isn’t wonderful, whenever noticed it is prudent to entertain the stash’s identity defiled as the spores and moister would influence each bud you have in that compartment or sack you have them preserved in.

Final Thought: Never use a similar container to restock weed. Always spin through new containers to avoid carrying unseen pathogens over to your next supply. Moreover, click here to find the best smoke shop online.

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